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ourdays journal diary features
  • Recording is better

    Speaking is faster than typing
    Seize more present feelings

  • Personalization

    Setup your name, photo, and birthday
    Auto calculate your age in various ways

  • Sharing

    New entry can be created and shared to FB or email to friends at the same time

  • Backup and Sync

    Synchronize with Dropbox (Optional)
    Support offline use

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OurDays Journal Diary Stories
  • My heart still race when recalling feelings of my first kiss
  • It brings back my memory of walking along the Seine River when I look at the photo
  • I’ll never get tired of replaying the voice recording of my baby saying Daddy the very first time
  • Hey, Kevin! So it was February the last time we met
  • That chocolate cake is too delicious, even a glance at the photo can make my mouth water
  • It inspires me every time I see the entry of my dreams when I wrote at my graduation
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